Tobii Chase

Starting his first website in 2001, he went on to upload and produce many amateur movies in the launch. The website was a new chapter, beginning his closure from the escort world. Debuting the site with over 75 videos and multiple photo sets, Tobii began to work with other locals and friends garnering more followers and newfound fame. Tobii pushed the envelope further in 2002 when dropped his first DVD showcasing his sexual escapades. Doin’ U Rite starring Tobii was very popular amongst his fans/followers, giving him the right momentum to go on and produce more DVDs from his newly built entity.

Given his knack for video editing, recruiting and filming. Tobii went on to revamp his image, having had multiple site designs and makeovers. Geared to continue in his race in the industry. Tobii went on to continue his empire by becoming involved with, where he has several videos in their on- demand catalog. He launched his 2nd venture A webstore that housed his DVD collection and later spawning off T-Shirts. Keeping up with what was new and trending, he hit the new era of social media and continued to push forward, bringing on new talent and porn prospects. He has had the privilege of filming and working with breakout stars such as Christian Matthews, Tancredo Buff, Dakota Phillips, Kris Cummings, Billy Warren and even the popular Transexual Escort turned porn star TS Nia. Ready to take things to the next level and gain more notoriety Tobii went on to do a solo scene with Treasure Island Media, as well as a hot steamy blowjob scene with his co-star Mike. This made his star shine brighter as he went on to get nominations for the Ravens Eden Awards in multiple categories, as well as being seen as up and coming star with ThaXXXList, which catered to more ethnic and cultural diverse stars.

In 2008, Tobii did it yet again and launched his 3rd site: which is now the home of over 300 videos. It’s 100% amateur with that new age studio feel and has led to more DVD releases from TDCProductionsXXX. Amongst the DVD catalogs growth, there has now been the addition of underwear, keychains, pride memorabilia and more to come…..

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